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Football Training

BEAST offers the best football training in the region.

Strength Training

Resistance training is vital to performance and injury prevention.

Travel Football

Develop your football skills against best talent in the region.

BEAST Academy

BEAST is a performance training program designed to improve athletic skills, build character, and develop tomorrow's leaders. As sports are ever changing, the athletic training should match the new developments in the sport. Lessons taught at BEAST will incorporate skills conducive to a successful transition in any level of competition. Athletes will also benefit from trailblazing coaches that know what it takes to be successful on and off the field. The lessons taught at BEAST will drive athletes to see beyond physical and mental limitations and be conquerors of their dreams.

2023 IFL Hall of Fame

Coach Knight selected as an inductee for the 2023 IFL Hall of Fame.

Limited Edition Hall of Fame Ahirts

Click Above to purchase your limited edition Tyler “Superman” Knight Hall of Fame Shirt.

Tyler Knight

Tyler Knight

Beast Academy

Phone: 501-240-9161